Rules & Regulations


1.  All participants, parents, and supporters are required to cooperate with all race marshals at all times.

2.  The Triathlon will begin promptly at 8:00am

3.  No swimming aids: fins, flotation aids, gloves, or snorkels will be allowed.

4.  Water will be provided on the running course, in the transition areas, and finish line.

5.  Helmets are mandatory and all participants must wear helmet before mounting bike.

6.  No headphones or iPod devices allowed.

7.  Parents will ONLY be allowed in transition area before and after the race in order to help their child set up. Once the race begins, parents will not be allowed in transition area. Volunteers will be available to assist children who need help finding their spot, putting on dry clothes and shoes. 

*Does not apply to parents who have registered to compete with their child*

8.  No clothing/gear (such as shirts, shoes, or towels) will be allowed in the pool area. Clothing  gear is to be kept in the transition area.

9.  Additional instructions will be provided at the Mandatory Pre– Race Meeting at 7:15 am on race morning.

Bike & Running Map